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As-Salamu Alaykum & Greetings Brothers! I welcome you all to the page that is Solely dedicated to the knowledge relevant to Jinn & Demons, and Magic & Witchcraft. Plus how to Protect yourself & your family against them and many other articles in relevance. New Visitors may check on the “Contents Page” for Introduction articles, Or they may ask Questions regarding, by clicking the button “Ask...

Story: Brother Abdul Rehman from UK

Assalamu alaikum brothers, sisters & friends I’m Abdul Rehman a 33 year old Pakistani male from UK, What I will share with u is both disturbing and informing so please make note as u may be a similar victim as I was and am. My story will cover sections of my life where I have had experiences with the Jinn and magic, I hope it helps u. I come from a Kashmiri family from Pakistan but reside in the UK. My problems started...

Jinn possesses a bewitched woman on a Live call

Info Jinn may possess people and speak through their tongue. For more about Jinn, visit the Contents-Page located in the navigation bar on top. This video has been taken from a Dawah show, called the Road2Islam. The Raqi (Faith Healer/Reciter) in this video is Brother Abou Muhammad. You may contact him over Facebook here: Here is a link to the official website...

Jinn speaking about Dajjal

Info When the jinn speaks “Our Father”, they refer to “Ibless” “Satan” “Shaytaan”. Ifreet/Efreet are the strongest among the Jinn. Go to “Types of Jinn” for more info about Efreet. This not my video & the brother reciting Quran is “Benhalima Abderraouf” If you wish to know more, you may wish to visit his official website:...

The Means to Protection from Satan (Evil Jinn)

Question: What is the means by which man can be protected from Satan‘s deeds and whispers and which can keep faith intact and behavior sound and straight? Answer: There are two demands for this means. Firstly, one has to continually pray to Allah for protection from Satan‘s evil deeds and whispers, while firmly believing that none but Allah gives refuge from such things. Secondly, one must resolve to rid oneself of the...

Drinking Water, Performing Ruqyas in Menstruation

Question: What is the validity of drinking or washing the body with the water on which Qur‘anic verses have been recited? Is it allowed to perform Ruqyas unto those in Haidh (menstruation), Nifas (parturition) or Janabah (the sate after intercourse when one has not washed yet)? Answer: In the case of Janabah, patients have to do Ghusl (have a bath/shower) so as to be ready for receiving Ruqyas treatment, even if it is only...

The Body Parts through Which Jinn enter and Posses...

Question: While performing Ruqyas, some Raqis command the jinn to get out of the possessed patient. Sometimes the jinn asks to exit through, for example, the eye or the ear, but the Raqi refuses lest the patient‘s ears or eyes should be harmed. Therefore, the Raqi instructs the jinn to exit through the mouth or toes. Is it right to believe that the jinn‘s exit through the patient‘s ears or eyes can be harmful?...

Touching the Painful Spot During the Ruqya

Question: There is someone who performs legal Ruqyas in accordance with Prophet Muhammad‘s Sunnah, as mentioned by Ibn-Taimiyah and Ibn-Al-Qayyim. The patients receiving his Ruqyas suffer from physical diseases, such as cancer and ulcers. That Raqi (performer of Ruqyas) recites some Qur‘anic verses, Ruqyas proven to have been recited by Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم and other practiced Ryquas that are...

Interview with Exorcist Abdullaah Mushrif

These are taken from the Appendix of a highly informative book “The Exorcist Tradition in Islaam” © 1997 Dar Al Fatah, written By Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips. If you wish to read more, you will have to buy the book. Location: Riyaadh, Saudi Arabia Date: 2/4/88 Name: ‘Abdullaah Mushrif al-‘Amree Date of Birth: 1964 CE Place of Birth: Riyaadh Education: BA from Imaam Ibn Sa‘ood Islâmic University in the field of...
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